Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Compas is great doctor. He helped me in a short time to detect and rehabilitate the cause of my low back pain that I had for many years Alfredo."

- Alfredo A.

"Couldnt Recommend Dr Compass enough."

- Fatima A.

"Dr. Compas was knowledgeable and charming. It was my first visit, but I will continue going to Dr. Compas."

- Nataliya G.

"Dr. Compas carefully proved the affected areas gently and asked questions to determine the location of and reasons for my pains. He treated the symptoms to make me more comfortable and suggested what I should or should not do to prevent the problem from reoccurring."

- Smith A.

"Dr. Compas was able to see me at the last minute and provided immediate natural pain relief as well as stretches and postural tips to prevent this from happening again."

- Andrea S.

"I went to Dr. Compas because I thought I was having serious hip and back problems. He thoroughly examined me, assessed the problem and treated me on the spot. OMGOODNESS, I left Dr. Compas office feeling like a new woman."

- Lorna S.

"Knows my past injuries and uses the appropriate modalities to help assist the healing/recovery process."

- Rob K.

"Very nice office staff, Dr Compas makes you feel comfortable. Takes time to find out how you are feeling shows an interest in his patients."

- Brenda S.

"Dr Compass is very professional and an expert in his field. I was very satisfied with the service."

- Muhammad Ozair S.

"Dr. Compas knows exactly what to do to make you feel better after a session with him. He is a knowledgeable and caring individual who I would definitely recommend."

- Theresa G.

"As always, Dr. Compas and his staff were professional, friendly and caring. I always feel like I am in good hands whenever I have a condition that requires his skills and attention."

- Frank C.

"Very professional and knowledgeable, Dr. Compas is great at what he does."

- Ali A.

"The staff is extremely friendly and professional. I suffer shoulder and neck stiffness due to an old injury. I always feel better after a visit."

- Tara B.

"A great experience as always! Always feel better after I leave."

- Tamara W.

"Painless... a month of limpin' around & escalating pain, I had enough. It was time to visit Dr. Compas. Relief was immediate. My knee felt solid and was able to resume activity, pain free... In the future, I won't hesitate to visit Dr. C"

- Jack G.

"Great help to my back and very nice-knowledgeable Doctor."

- Kevin H.

"He took his time to thoroughly listen and address all of my concerns."

- Jamie B.

"Excellent service. Dr. Compas is very professional, very caring and very skilled. Appointments can be made electronically on line and emails/texts are send to confirm appointments. It is a very easy process."

- Betsy M.

"A great experience as always. I booked an appointment last minute and was able to get in."

- Tamara W.

"Always a friendly, courteous and professional atmosphere. Dr. Compas always takes the time to explain my condition and provide suggestions on ways to help myself in dealing with my condition."

- Frank C.

"Although I had to wait a bit to be seen, I understand completely why. Dr. Compas took a great deal of time to diagnose my issue and then plenty of time to work though it. I never felt rushed and am confident that I will be given that sort of individualized treatment in subsequent visits. Thank you!"

- Jennifer M.

"I visited Cr. Compas unable to walk without pain, after my visit I was able to function without pain and had mobility within 2 days. I'm thankful for that since I had a major event that I was working on. Thank you Dr. Compas !"

- Mary S.

"Excellent experience. Dr. Compas was extremely professional, knowledgeable and compassionate."

- Sheila M.

"My entire experience was excellent. Upon arrival I was asked to fill in my personal information electronically on an iPad. A very user friendly experience. Dr. Compas was very thorough with his initial interview. The treatment helped loosen the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. I am extremely hard of hearing and Dr. Compas spoke slowly and clearly to ensue I comprehended everything. Overall Dr. Compas was extremely professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend him."

- Sheila M.

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